Cash Management


Wire Transfer

You are able to send money anywhere in the world. We offer domestic and international wire transfers to all account holders. Contact a branch for details

Night Deposit

Can’t get to the bank before they close? You can leave your deposit in our night deposit and we will process them the next business day. Night Deposit is available at all location.

Merchant Card Services

Make the payment process easier for your customer!

Merchant Card Services gives you more flexibility, reduces your processing time, provides additional payment options for your customers, accept major credit and debit cards for increased versatility and makes the payment process a breeze for the people who matter most-your customers.
Available for NGNB business customers through a third party company. Contact a branch for details.

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Remote Deposit Capture

You’ll never have to go to the bank to deposit customers’ checks again. Everything is done electronically. North Georgia National Bank Remote Deposit offers immediate benefits for your business including: operational savings and improved funds availability.

If you have ever been too busy to make it to the bank before closing time, then North Georgia National Bank Remote Deposit is the answer. You can make deposits from your office at your convenience.

Business Transactions, including deposits from multiple locations, can be consolidated into one account. Operations are streamlined by using the conveniences of automation including: deposit history, check image storage and retrieval.

Please contact us at (706) 629-6499.


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